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The Team

Committed to your success

Meet our knowledgeable and experienced team to help take your cannabis business to the next level.

The Team

Your Dedicated Team of
Cannabis Financing Experts

Bryan Gordon
Chairman, CEO, Investment Committee Member
Andrew Kaye
Chief Commercial Officer
Kevin Bush, CFA
Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Investment Committee Member
Gabe Selko
Founder and Executive Managing Director
Ted Harris
Founder and Executive Managing Director
Brett Ellen
Chief Credit Officer
Suzanne Freihofer, Esq.
General Counsel & Board Secretary
April Boulter
Corporate Controller
Sean O’Brien
Vice President, Origination
Nathan Raiders
Vice President, Underwriting
Peter Gladish
Senior Originator
Robyn Cobb
Contract Administration & IT
Quin Rollins
Jill Sulser
Human Resources
Emma Fuller
Marketing & Vendor Relations
Jonathan Civita
Board Member, Investment Committee Member
Andy Federbusch
Board Member