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Legal vs. Illegal Weed
Legal vs. Illegal Weed
BY Andrew J. Kaye, COO of SLMC
August 11, 2022

Comments are based on this Op-Ed from the LA Times.


Here is an article that illustrates with agonizing accuracy how the regulatory chokehold in the Golden State has favored non-licensed weed over compliant weed.

The authors estimate that a full 75% of marijuana sold in CA is from non-licensed entities. What a surprise!

First, CA is to weed what France is to wine. It just grows there. In righteous abundance. It ain’t so hard to grow buds the size of your foot. Supply is just not an issue.

Second, taxes, taxes, taxes have an effect of kinda taking the air out compliant cannabis profits. It hard to go black when you have to compete with the black which pays no taxes.

Third, price. I’m no economic genius (although I taught in the Economics Department at Hunter College), but given the same quality, consumers tend to favor lower prices over higher ones. Especially when it could be a 2X difference.

Fourth, annoying restrictions. News to me, but CA compliant sales are mandated to stop at 10:00pm. With all this home office stuff, time shifting, and no mandated bed time for adults, that seems kinda early to me. And why? What social good is being promoted? Some say that indica promotes a good night’s sleep…

So, let’s not be myoptic and think that cannabis is either regulated or not available. It’s everywhere. The object of legal sales is to promote a safe, efficient market. To make it mainstream. To meet demand.

So, California, recognize that you are the epicenter of cannabis and make it affordable, accessible and safe. The World is Holding It Breath!!

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