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4 states have a good shot at legalizing recreational marijuana in 2023
4 states have a good shot at legalizing recreational marijuana in 2023
BY Andrew J. Kaye, COO of SLMC
February 9, 2023

Comments are based on this MJ BizDaily piece.


It looks like the cannabis juggernaut keeps rolling. As the article below highlights, at least for additional states – Minnesota, Ohio,Oklahoma and Pennsylvania – have adult-use marijuana legalization on the ballots in 2023. In OK, the March 7 Special Election is ONLY about legalizing weed, the first time that
has happened in the US

Longer-shot bills to legalize recreational cannabis have also been introduced in Indiana and New Hampshire, while proposals to legalize pot are in the works in North Carolina and South Carolina.

So, it looks like the paralysis on the federal level is being balanced out by initiatives on the state level. I suppose that this is the way the United States of America is designed to work. The “people’s voice” has to two chances to be heard and if federal legislators remain tone deaf on full normalization, more local politicos are singing the time.

Of course all this is suboptimal as the state-by-state scheme makes it very expensive to found and operate a cannabis business as the business needs to be built anew in each new market. But this is the world we live in (for now) and the industry just needs to muddle through.

So keep chatting up your local officials, go to the polls to vote your support, and purchase from the compliant market in those states with legalize weed. It’s the most/least you can do.